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Using stock photos & mock ups

If you're running a blog or online shop (or both!), you may find yourself in need of photos and resources to make your brand look attractive, polished & professional. Whether you just got started or are already cruising, why not use delicate, feminine, minimal and FREE stock photos to style up your brand and make your work and content sparkle? 


3 Simple Benefits to using stock photos and mock ups

Here are just a few of the main benefits of using mock ups and styled photos for your online business and accessing the free library:

Promote your work in a subtle yet efficient way

A personal & commercial license is included.

What it means? You can do anything with the freebies, except selling them or redistributing them.

Make your products look amazing in minutes

Discover a faster way to enhance your artwork with Photoshop Smart Objects.

Insert your artwork, hit save, and your work will look like it was just styled and shot for you.

Keep consistent with your brand on all online channels

Whether you'll use photos on your site, shop or social media, it's important to keep consistent. All photos are soft yet bright, and you can choose from different moods and colours, mock ups or simple stock photos.

Now that you've seen how easy it is to add a png on top of a flatlay, one question remains... What are you waiting for?


What Can You Achieve with mock ups and stock photos?

Wether you're a blogger, an illustrator, a designer, or a business owner in the home decor, wedding, baby and child, or well-being industry, using stock photos and mock ups will save you time and will help you get ahead online. It will also let you concentrate on what you do best.  


About White Hart Design Co. 

Lucie from White Hart Design Co

Hey! I'm Lucie. I started creating my own mock ups to enhance my online graphic design portfolio back in 2014. I had just launched my freelance business and just like you, I needed to make a difference online.

Since I first picked up my first DSLR camera (a secondhand 400D), I got hooked and it led me to open the White Hart Design Co. studio in January 2015.

I love playing with props and experimenting new styles. I now shoot only with natural daylight (and upgraded to a 5D III). 

Outside of the studio, I spend my free time walking with my partner and our 7 months old border puppy, surfing, or picking up wild flowers.

It helped my business so much!

Product mock-ups are a major key element in my business. They keep my look cohesive and professional, all while saving a ton of time. They may seem a little intimidating at first, but mockups are so easy to use! Even back when I was first starting out, I was able to figure out how to use them with little to no problems. I am 100% confident that my business would not be what it is today without the use of these gorgeous stock photos!

Becky Adams

My brand attracts more attention

Lucie is an amazing designer whose products helped my brand become chic and modern. Her representation of her products helped my brand attracts attention from national publications and new customers daily. I would highly recommend White Hart Design Company products to any one whose interested in branding their business. 

Kizzie McPhaul

A great time saver!

If it wasn’t for Lucie & White Hart Design Co, my business wouldn’t be where it is today. The beautiful mockups are easy to use and a time saving way to create beautiful customised website imagery and social media content.

Kiran Raj

Access the free stock photos and mock ups library

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Access the free stock photos and mock ups library

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